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The Job Application Poem
Dear Sir or Madam (as the case may be),
I saw your Job Ad and thought 'that's just for me'!
Right up my street, as you will no doubt agree,
So I penned this note (and enclose my CV)!
Unusual it may be to write all in rhyme,
But stand out it must (and I had some spare time),
So, please take a moment to read it through,
And then decide just what I can do for you!
23 years of experience (all in retail)
Far too much to cover here in much detail!
6 years of management I have just completed,
But of my abilities I am not conceited!
Self awareness and personal honesty come with age,
Only through experience can we ourselves gauge,
Suffice to say I truly know who I am,
And this isn't some joke or any kind of sham!
Enthusiastic, hard working, intelligent too,
There's just so much I am able to do,
Team player, a leader, and commercially aware,
You'll give me a chance if you know whats fair!
Team builder, coacher and one whose staff she can develop,
Motivator, enthuser and engager, all these skills
:iconravensummerisle:RavenSummerisle 5 5
A few footsteps along the Crooked Path - An intro
Your footsteps crunch lightly on the bare stony ground as you make your way along the winding path through the dark and foreboding forest beneath the brooding clouds that hold a promise of snow, occasionally stumbling on protruding rocks that bar your way, climbing over them with some effort, as the path rises ever upwards before you. The only sounds you hear are those of your footsteps, the laborious hiss of your breath as you suck in the cold moist scent laden air, the beat of your heart in your chest as it works hard to maintain your efforts and the occasional natural sound, such as the trickster wind sighing through the trees, the lone cry of a solitary bird on the wing or the call of a small timid animal. You are alone, following your own Path, walking a road less travelled. Yet in this almost unnatural silence you hear the echo of another's footsteps, walking a convergent path to your own, approaching you from the left, will it be a friend, will it be a foe, or will it be somethi
:iconravensummerisle:RavenSummerisle 1 1
Little People working oh so hard
Little people all working oh so hard!
Conscientious little people who care at work,
Ripped off regularly by some corporate jerk!
You matter not to those in power,
Safe and secure in their ivory tower!
Increased profit is their only guiding light,
It matters not what's morally right,
Performance measured by bottom line alone,
For 'shareholder benefit' is all that's known!
Give of yourself to be a success,
But really you just work for less and less,
Take no breaks and stay back late,
But their greed you cannot sate!
Team Player you've always been,
Hard worker? That's always been seen!
'For the good of the company' has been your creed,
You've never succumbed to personal greed!
Risen solidly though the ranks,
Extra responsibility has been your thanks!
Now at last you begin to falter,
Your health sacrificed on company altar!
Work so hard you will burn out,
Then quietly leave without a shout,
Corporate face says 'We do care for you'!
But you know its not really true!
Heartbroken you o
:iconravensummerisle:RavenSummerisle 4 3
Words of the Old Ones - Chalice Well, Samhain 2011
Words from the Mother........
'These flowing waters are the waters of birth from which all life flows,
This Ground is my body, from which all sustenance is provided,
The wind on your cheek is the breath from my lungs,
The spark of your life is from my Cauldron of Fire,
Without me you cannot exist, without me you are formless.'
Words from the Horned One........
'I am He who sets the seed, whose death fulfills lifes ongoing need, whose body is given for others to feed, yet who returns again to set the seed. Without my balance there can be nothing but strife, without my seed there can be no more life!'
Suzanne Read
2nd November 2011
:iconravensummerisle:RavenSummerisle 5 3
Freshly Baked Bread
There's nothing so fine as homemade bread,
A daily staple to keep us all so well fed,
Nothing more than flour, water and yeast,
Yet once cooked it becomes a veritable feast!
Supermarket bread seems made of plastic,
All so soft and white and so elastic,
Once sold in bulk so very cheap,
But now the prices could make you weep!
Now its cheaper to make your own,
Nothing gives such a sense of home,
As that delicious fresh bread smell,
That from your childhood you recall so well!
Tis so simple and easy to make,
Not as complex as a cake,
Mix it all then knead the dough,
It has to be done, like just so!
Then for a time you have to wait,
Give it a while for yeast to create,
As almost before your very eyes,
Your loaf does now so proudly rise!
Now in the oven its time to bake,
Dont let it burn for goodness sake,
Wont take long and then its done,
Barm cake, loaf, roll or bun!
Let it cool, just a bit,
The its time to cut into it,
Real butter spread on fresh hot bread,
For it there's truly a lot to b
:iconravensummerisle:RavenSummerisle 4 8
Yule in the Roundhouse
Outside now the wind doth blow,
And silently falls the deep winter snow,
Yet in here we're all toasty and warm,
As we sit out this cold winter storm!
Sits the fire in center of the room,
Crackling blaze dispells the gloom,
Smoky warm atmosphere we all share,
As our feast we do now prepare!
Yester sunset through Stones we saw,
Thus today is Yule in our Lore!
So now Winter is at it's dark height,
We will feast to welcome returning light!
Boughs of evergreen brought inside,
Fresh pine scent it does provide,
Masking those smells that are so strong,
And that have been with us for so very long!
Hung from the rafters the food we hoard,
From the rats it is so safetly stored,
Outside in store lies our seed grain,
Safe from snow and frost and rain!
Now is time to bake new bread,
To ensure we are all very well fed,
Grain is ground to make fresh flour,
New bread is made within the hour!
In their stalls low our very few cattle,
Of who knows what they do so prattle
Near them are our pigs and chooks,
:iconravensummerisle:RavenSummerisle 8 20
A Wassailing We Will Go
Now Winter is at its peak,
And the weather is awfully bleak,
Tis now time for blessing to seek,
As sacred words we do now speak!
In the orchard and in the field,
Special magick we shall wield,
From all harm the crops to shield,
In hopes of greatly increasing yield!
Whether wind doth coldly blow,
Or even if it does now snow,
To encourage the crops once more to grow,
Then a Wassailing, we will go!
With trusted friends at our side,
We will range far and wide,
All our intents now allied,
As the past is our guide!
Special cup filled with wine,
Mulled with spices all so fine,
Honour given to Nature divine,
All to ensure She will stay benign!
So raise the cup now to your lips,
And partake of a few warming sips,
Then following hallowed ancient scripts,
We do now tip out those last few drips!
Seeking fair blessing on all we grow,
For our crops, good health to bestow,
Looking for our harvest to overflow,
Once again our skills to show!
Toasting health of the trees,
Singing praises of the bees,
:iconravensummerisle:RavenSummerisle 9 20
Some Sort of Poet
Some sort of Rhyming Poet I seem to have become,
Though not one whose always morbid and glum,
To the Muse I must now daily succumb,
Lest She curse and make me dumb!
Rhyming words has become my obsession,
I just can't keep it to a single session,
This poem is now my ultimate confession,
The Muse has me under Her possession!
Its an addiction I cannot foresake,
A beastly habbit I just cannot break,
Each day a new poem I must now make,
Before I fully feel truly awake!
So if you perceive my words do rhyme,
And if for you my words do shine,
Painting pictures with prose so fine,
Then thanks for so spending your sweet time!
And if you feel that I am truly a Poet,
Then please come along and do now show it,
Lets hope soon others will also know it,
For praise is the only way for me to grow it!
Deviant Art is my newest home,
A place where I want to become well known,
Many works of art there are shown,
Some of them leave my mind all blown!
So sadly alone I now sit and watch,
As pageviews chalk up a
:iconravensummerisle:RavenSummerisle 6 20
The Holly King
Hidden deep in forests dark gloom,
Will you find a special, secret room,
Walls of trees, overhead branches loom,
Like some strange Hall or wooden tomb!
In the center stands great blaze,
Into the air, the flames do raise,
Painting all with deep bronze glaze,
Lighting all in these dark days!
Laid on tables, oh so wide,
Feast of fruits down each side,
Forest dwellers with hooded eyes,
At this feast are all now spied!
Beyond feasting tables lies a large throne,
Made from wood and bone and stone,
Over all of it the Ivy has now grown,
On top of it the snow now hath blown!
Sat in Throne looking so very fine,
With eyes so brown that they do shine,
Lined face of beauty, so benign,
How could he be thought so malign?
Frost lies coating Old Man's beard,
He is One who's coming is feared,
The land below He has cleared,
As with snow it is now smeared!
Winter is a much needed part of life,
Cold months with all their desperate strife,
Hunger abounds and is now rife,
As it cuts at belly like sharp knife
:iconravensummerisle:RavenSummerisle 12 21
Winter Fog
See now the world in a new light,
As most of it is hid from sight,
Like some darkly cancerous blight,
The fog that descends in the night!
Wrapped in veils of frigid moist air,
The fog now holds you in its snare,
Of world around, you become unaware,
Barely half seeing all that is there!
Sounds now deadened by the mist,
Noise of footsteps cease to exist,
You are too powerless to resist,
As reality succumbs to subtle twist!
Grey blanket covers all like a cocoon,
Then through the fog the trees do loom,
Skeletal branches seen through the gloom,
Like fingers silhouetted against the moon!
Cold air in your throat like a blade,
Within your lungs it does invade,
Feeling like your flesh with ice is flayed,
I bet you wish inside you'd stayed!
Streetlight gives off sickly lurid glow,
Illuminating nothing that you know,
Leperous light it does bestow,
Neath it nothing good will grow!
Temperature drops a little more,
Frost coats all with spikey hoar,
Myriad details it does now obscure,
With crystals s
:iconravensummerisle:RavenSummerisle 4 18
Deadly Crash
A split second is all it takes,
As foot hits hard upon the brakes,
Tyres squeal as car begins to slide,
Yet you know, you will collide!
Time seems now to flow so slow,
As if each second takes an hour to go,
Each and every detail you now spy,
Is etched forever into your minds eye!
The slow motion picture now unfolds,
Your agonized attention it now holds,
The face before you is horror filled,
The woman you know you will have killed!
Blonde haired, the face of a Mother?
Blue eyed, perhaps someones sensual lover?
Smooth soft skin, does she use face cream?
Red glossed lips, now open in silent scream!
Adrenalin pumps into your blood,
Heart rate soars, yet does no good,
Body reacts and starts to shake,
Dread now makes your insides quake!
Mass of machines coming together,
As though tied with invisible tether,
Like wild animals trying to mate,
Sensual and erotic if not for fate!
Cars collide, metal on metal,
Ripping open like some exotic petal,
Shattered side window, glass takes flight,
:iconravensummerisle:RavenSummerisle 6 20
Snow at Night
On cold still midwinters night,
When the frost doth burn and bite,
Silently creeps in a wonderous sight,
As once more the snow takes flight!
Gently falling from laden cloud,
Blanketing all with chilly shroud,
No noise can now be heard aloud,
As Winter is once again unbowed!
Sunrise greets beauteous scene,
As light from fresh snow doth now gleam,
Everything looks so crisp and clean,
This land is now a Winter's dream!
Suzanne Read
2nd December 2010
:iconravensummerisle:RavenSummerisle 11 12
Skyclad Full Moon
One clear night of the Full Moon,
Did I hear the piper's sweet tune,
Called forth to seek the Mother's boon,
Called forth to go out, oh so soon!
In lonely woods so late at night,
Skin caressed by wind so slight,
Bathed in Her beauteous Light,
Skyclad I stand, within Her sight!
Breath gently fogging from my lips,
As silently past my body the cool air slips,
Feel the tingle from my toes to fingertips,
As from me all inhibitions She now strips!
Unplanned was this naked stance,
Called forth it was from sacred trance,
Taking my part within life's dance,
Partaking of the Gods own romance!
Now I'm not one who is a prude,
But I'm not one whos normally nude!
But in that light so silvery hued,
Not to strip would have been rude!
Think you that I was so brave?
Think you that attention I crave?
Possibly even that I rave?
No, t'was an honour that I gave!
Would I do it another time?
When Her light around doth shine?
And if the weather was so fine?
Would depend on Goddess's sign!
Naught I did but play
:iconravensummerisle:RavenSummerisle 12 21
A Witches Winter Night Vigil
One winters eve, oh so cold,
I sat a nights vigil, oh so bold!
On still, cloudless, moonless night,
When stars were again, oh so bright!
Following the example of Ancestors long past,
Wanting to see whether I'd pass their test!
Poet or Madperson would I become,
Before I next saw the Sun?
Neath sheltering stark rocky outcrop,
With nought but bare trees, silhouetted atop!
In a place of unrivaled powers,
Would I now spend these long cold hours!
On crisp bed of fallen leaves I lay,
There the long night to while away!
Wrapped in cloak, to keep me warm,
Lay down in hollow, shadow form!
Through bare branches what did I spy,
As above me wheeled the clear night sky,
Owls hoot, fox's bark and badgers call,
Sweet nightime music, held me in its thrall!
Dare I to drink the Vigil Blend?
To let my mind twist and bend?
Potion so rare and oh so strong,
To open my mind to unseen throng!
Belladonna, mistletoe, sage and bay,
All brewed together, to take me away,
Setting my awareness totally free,
:iconravensummerisle:RavenSummerisle 6 29
Truly a Witch
What does it mean to be a Witch?
Its not about chasing a golden snitch!
Lucky Black Cat and Pointy Hat?
There's no real need for all that tat!
Watching Charmed on the telly?
Tattooing triskelle on your belly?
Singing along to Practical Magic?
Oh, dont be so bloody tragic!
Watching Twilight and New Moon,
Cant wait for the next one 'coming soon'?
Angel and Buffy are your Heroes?
Get a life, their only TV shows!
Hung with Silver everywhere,
Eager for disapproving stare!
Teenage fad thats 'oh so cool'?
Dont be such a rebellious fool!
Bookcase filled with TeenWitch books?
Huh, money taken by corporate crooks!
Shelves filled with crystals so fine?
Dont so waste your bloody time!
All these are thing any Witch may choose to do,
But doing them does not a Witch make you!
Being a Witch means none need see,
Being a Witch means you have to be free!
If you truly seek to be a Witch,
And you need to find your own niche,
Then it is inside that you must look,
Wisdom does not come from a bo
:iconravensummerisle:RavenSummerisle 26 55
Neath Societies Veneer
'Neath societies thin Christian veneer,
The Pagan Ways are still very much here!
If you seek with wide open mind,
Then you never know what you will find!
Take a closer look at much of Christianity,
You may be surprised at just what you see!
Traditions stolen for Christian Rite,
All to convince Ancestors to see their light!
Indigenous beliefs with all their wisdom,
Now lost to most, thanks to Christendom!
Im not saying it was wrong or right,
But their way is not the only light!
Many paths to enlightenment there should be,
What works for you is not always right for me!
Start your search with Christmas Time,
Then for you the truth will shine!
It really is birth of the Sun not a Son,
And yet we've now only just begun!
Christmas Trees now deck the halls,
Green, red and white colour the walls!
Jolly Santa in his fur trimmed red suit,
Borrowed is our Shaman, for corporate loot!
Yet these traditions are all of Pagan root,
But that they're stolen none give a hoot!
To Easter next we must now loo
:iconravensummerisle:RavenSummerisle 5 18

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Well, again Im apologising for the absence, but only a few days after my last post I was to lose my job of 23 years, so Im now unem[ployed, have made 242 applications in the past 5 weeks, been interviewed 10 times, rejected a bit and still plenty outstanding, so accept my apologies at my tardiness, however, my predicament has givewn the Muse some inspiration, which brought about the latest poem that was posted today, let me know what you think!
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